Council parking attendants ‘rush round’ Pavilions issuing tickets

A Horsham District Council parking enforcement car parked in the Pavilions in the Park Horsham by resident Julian Light.
A Horsham District Council parking enforcement car parked in the Pavilions in the Park Horsham by resident Julian Light.

Horsham District Council parking enforcement officers have come under renewed scrutiny this week after allegedly targeting parents picking up and dropping off their children at the Pavilions in the Park leisure centre in Horsham.

Last week, an enforcement car was picture on double yellow lines in the evening while officers checked cars. The district council said it is legal for officers to park in this way when it is safe to do so, but residents took to the internet to raise their views.

This week, Julian Light, who takes his six-year-old daughter there three times a week said he was astonished to see officers employ tough action to ticket parents on Saturday.

He said: “I consider it good safe practice to accompany her from the car to the gym and from the gym to the car, however just over two weeks ago I was issued a ticket and following an appeal I was told that I cannot use the drop off zone if I am going to leave the vehicle and that my car has to be in a marked bay.

“This would mean paying the minimum 3 hour charge for five minutes twice in one day at total cost of 32p per min.

“When I went to collect my daughter on Saturday 27 April at midday I arrived to find the car park completely full, some parents in their desperation to meet their children from their various classes had to leave their vehicles parked on the end of parking bays.

“As I drove around trying to find a space I was astonished to see the parking attendants racing round issuing as many tickets as they could but what was even more astonishing was that they also had the problem that there were not any parking spaces available, but had decided to park their vehicle up on the pavement (in an unmarked bay) and causing pedestrian to have to walk out in the road to get around their vehicle.

“Furthermore it appears to be the same vehicle in the picture published last week.”

He took a picture, but noted that as soon as the parking officers saw him, they returned to their vehicle and moved it immediately.

Horsham District Council has been approached for comment.

Can you relate Mr Light’s experience? Are you a parent who has had trouble parking at the Pavilions and seen similar scenes?

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