COMMENT: This show is not to be missed

Stop secrets
Stop secrets

Forget TV and cinema next Wednesday evening (April 30).

The best show in town will be in the council chamber in Horsham’s North Street.

Horsham District Councillor Christian Mitchell - picture submitted by HDC ENGSUS00120130318094632

Horsham District Councillor Christian Mitchell - picture submitted by HDC ENGSUS00120130318094632

Located next door to the Capitol theatre, the stage is already being set for a showdown of Hollywood proportions.

For the past year, audiences - aka district residents - have watched as our all-action hero Christian Mitchell has braved every eventuality to save the town he loves from massive, sprawling developmental destruction.

From investigating fake letters to facing down his colleagues at a secret court hearing into his campaigning on behalf of residents, he has ducked and dived every bullet that’s come his way from the darkened corridors of power.

In February, it seemed his luck had finally expired.

In a frenzy of arrogance and spite, his ruling Tory group stripped him of his chairman-elect title and for a moment it seemed he’d used up the last of his nine lives.

But then, in the best traditions of a block-buster movie, he was given an indestructible shield and he is now battling his way to the thriller’s climax.

As this week’s Horsham edition proclaims in cinema style: There’s only seven days to save Horsham.

Will enough of his Tory colleagues and Lib Dem and Independent councillors join forces to vote down the plan at 6pm on Wednesday?

What final revelations will be made across the floor of the debating chamber?

And can the unique qualities that make Horsham such a special place to live and work be protected?

If you care about your town and district - make sure you don’t miss Wednesday’s vote. Come along and cheer him all the way to the finish line.

We’ll be there.

So will Mr Mitchell. With the sword of truth and the shield of democracy - a shield presented to only the very best of councillors who always put the people first.

Where did it come from? Look below the hallmark on the back and its source and strength is clear: West Sussex County Times.

You see, just like Mr Mitchell, we’ll always put you first.