BREAKING NEWS: Deputy council leader Helena Croft axed by Horsham party members

Horsham District Council’s deputy leader Helena Croft has been deselected as the Tory candidate for Roffey North in May’s elections.

Monday, 16th February 2015, 11:33 am
JPCT 220413 Helena Croft. Photo by Derek Martin ENGPPP00320130423095251

The Horsham Conservative Association confirmed Saturday’s decision today (Monday February 16) in what one party supporter described as a ‘Valentine’s Day Massacre’.

Fellow councillor Jim Rae was dumped as a candidate at the same meeting.

As a result he took to social media on Sunday night to announce he was quitting the Conservative party to become an independent.

He hinted he might also stand as a potential independent MP for Horsham in May’s general election.

In his posts on Sunday night he wrote that the Conservative Party ‘had flushed him and Helena Croft down the toilet.’

“She has been ousted as well.”

He added a warning: “I am not finished yet teaching the Conservatives or any other party the price for what they have done to me or Cllr Helena Croft.”

Asked what had happened by one social media commentator, he wrote: “I have been shafted by the Conservatives at the national and local level - so much for honesty and integrity!!

“I have been de-selected by my Horsham Conservative Association from Holbrook East and the Party has stood by and cheered!!

“It is not often if ever I am reduced to tears - but tonight they are flowing freely!!!”

The County Times did not release Mrs Croft’s name until it was confirmed by the Conservative Association.

Unless she can find another seat, the decision means the end of her political career at HDC as a Conservative in the foreseeable future.