Biffa plans new soil treatment plants north of Horsham

Biffa wants permission for two new facilities at Brookhurst Wood north of Horsham
Biffa wants permission for two new facilities at Brookhurst Wood north of Horsham

Two new plants to process contaminated soils could be built north of Horsham.

Biffa already runs a number of operations at Brookhurst Wood off Langhurstwood Road including a mechanical biological treatment facility to process black-bag household waste.

Now the company wants permission to install a soil heat treatment facility.

It would be able to handle a maximum of 10,000 tonnes a year of hazardous waste materials comprising of soils contaminated with hydrocarbons.

Bioremediation is used to break down the hydrocarbons to enable the soil to be diverted from landfill and used in landfill restoration.

The received material will be combined into batches and a network of heating, vapour recovery and temperature monitoring tubes placed within the stockpile.

Heat will be provided by up to 11 gas heaters per stockpile, and once it has reached the optimum temperature it will be maintained for up to four days.

The material will be allowed to cool and then tested to see if it is suitable for use in landfill restoration.

Biffa is also planning to create a new soil washing facility to recover and treat hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Input will comprise soils and other materials arising from construction, demolition and excavation that are heavily contaminated with metals and hydrocarbons.

Recovered materials will include sand, aggregates, silt, clay and lightweights/organics that can be used as secondary aggregates or landfill restoration material.

The soil washing facility would have a maximum annual throughput of 100,000 tonnes a year.

According to Biffa’s applications: “The site location within the wider Brookhurst Wood waste management complex offers a unique opportunity for co-location with other complimentary waste management uses, and will strengthen the network if waste management sites serving West Sussex and surrounding areas.

“Consequently, this proposal will serve to move waste up the waste hierarchy, since it will treat material that would otherwise be disposed of at landfill facilities.”

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