Barn conversion plans refused

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Plans to convert three barns in Kennel Lane, West Grinstead, into a home, garage, workshop, stables and store were refused by Horsham District Council development control south committee last week.

Edward Hartnett had applied to convert the barns near the Crawley and Horsham Hunt Kennels.

Anthony Sandeman, representing Crawley and Horsham Hunt, which had been based there for many years, warned there were 101 hounds in the kennels exercised at 4.30am in summer and 6.30am in winter, creating considerable noise. They were also fed on fallen stock and the meat was processed on site.

Agent for the applicant, Simon Brett suggested the dogs could be exercised at a different time.

But Andrew Dunlop (Con, Cowfold, Shermanbury and West Grinstead) said: “If this was allowed and someone bought the property, knowing the kennels were there and went to live there, there would be constant complaints. I suggest you would have to release Mr Brett’s phone number and email to cope with complaints if this is allowed.

“Butchering in the flesh house is not quiet and the dogs don’t eat gently and quietly. This is a lovely farm building but the setting is impossible for a home. It would be a nightmare.”