Ashurst to have new village hall

county times oct 20
county times oct 20

A NEW village hall to replace the existing one in Ashurst got the go-ahead from Horsham District Council planners recently.

The hall is to be a barn style design made of local brick with flint panelling on the outside walls, a natural slate roof and timber doors and window frames.

Solar panels are proposed for the southern roof slope and there will be a ground floor terrace facing the sun.

Eight letters of objection were received concerning the building being out of keeping in terms of height, appearance and layout, overdevelopment of the small site, the car park and children’s play area being close to the road, overshadowing of neighbouring properties and light pollution affecting wildlife.

Planning officers said the new siting of the building would make it far more visible from the street but they felt the use of high quality materials would mitigate this, ensuring the hall would not be detrimental to the street scene.

The revised location of the hall is further away from the nearest neighbours and it would be screened by trees and fence.

Officers said the new formalised parking bays would increase safety precautions.