Additional waiting restrictions in Horsham

Additional waiting restrictions have been approved for two roads in Horsham after complaints from local residents.

At its meeting on Monday June 25, the North Horsham County Local Committee (CLC) considered additional waiting restrictions proposed for Oak Tree Way, Redkiln Way, Comptons Lane North and Comptons Brow Lane, Horsham.

The CLC agreed to the Traffic Regulation Order for Oak Tree Way and Redkiln Way.

However it agreed to withdraw the proposed waiting restrictions on Comptons Lane North and Comptons Brow Lane.

These were considered in response to complaints that parking had congested residential streets causing obstructions and safety hazards.

The proposed restrictions are designed to address these problems by prohibiting parking in specific areas, such as junctions and bends, while keeping parking available on the remaining parts of the roads.

Any parking displaced as a result of these safety measures could be accommodated within the local area.

The call-in deadline for this decision will be July 3 2012, meaning that these decisions can be contested up until that date.