Police warning as winter nights approach

Keep a light on and stay secure! That's the message from Sussex Police as the clocks go back this weekend.

Monday, 23rd October 2017, 3:34 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 5:14 am

The clocks change over night on Saturday/Sunday (October 28/29) and at this is the time of year there is an increase in burglary as the nights lengthen and daylight hours shorten.

Sussex Police have started a social media campaign to show how residents can bolster their home security with some practical crime prevention advice and highlight the impact of burglary can have.

Police say: “We aim to emphasise the dire and sometimes heartbreaking effect a burglary can have on a person who has experienced it by sharing their personal story. These stories are complemented with helpful and practical tips to help safeguard your home against burglary. Everyone in the community can help prevent burglary by looking out for each other.”

Between September 2016 and September 2017 there were on average 680 burglary offences per month across the force. This total includes both residential and non-residential burglaries.

Police add: “The change of season not only brings longer evenings, but the opportunity to be out celebrating bonfire events and Hallowe’en activities. Be mindful that your home could be vulnerable to burglary if it isn’t protected. The best defence against burglary is prevention.

“Burglary isn’t only about the physical act of someone breaking in and stealing material possessions. It can have a profound and lasting emotional effect on the victim.”

To help protect yourself Sussex Police have outlined their advice here.