Plea to end Broadbridge Heath parking ‘chaos’ by providing more spaces

Fed up drivers have called for an increase to the six parking spaces to 24 flats and four houses in Broadbridge Heath to end chaos on their road.

Tuesday, 23rd April 2013, 8:57 am

Swann Way residents submitted a petition with 27 signatures to West Sussex County Council to concrete over the unused grass verges to allow them to park on both sides of the street.

Tracy Pavitt, who runs her own cleaning maintenance company and has lived in Swann Way with her husband for four years, said turning lorries had made massive gouges in the grass.

“It looks hideous,” she explained.

“Currently we can’t park opposite each other and that’s causing a major problem.”

Another resident said that when the flats were built by Horsham District Council as council housing the intention was that every household had one car at most.

“I have been fighting this for years and years, but it has never been taken seriously until David Sheldon (LDem, Horsham Tanbridge and Broadbridge Heath) took it up,” the resident said.

“All they need to do is cut the grass it does not serve any purpose and it’s not utilised properly.

“I do not want to have to park outside someone else’s house, but I do not really have a choice. At the moment it’s chaos.”

Residents presented the petition calling for a solution to the county council on the suggestion of Mr Sheldon.