Playboy van in Horsham - what do you think?

Playboy van
Playboy van

‘Outrage’ and ‘displeasure’ has been expressed by drivers who have noticed a large Playboy van parked in a Warnham Road lay-by, Horsham.

The vehicle, parked near Robin Hood Roundabout, arrived on Wednesday morning in a bid to advertise the adult TV chat channel.

A County Times reader contacted us ‘to register my displeasure at the large Playboy Chat van’.

Rachel Holliday said: “I feel that it is tremendously inappropriate on a main road where it will be seen by children and young people, as well as by many other people who will be as offended as I am.

“The sex industry cannot be permitted to use such public and unrestricted forms of advertising, and certainly images such as those shown are damaging to young people and promote the objectification of women.”

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