Plans for stud farm on vastly improved site

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Significant improvements have been made to land east of Jackets Hill, Thakeham, where plans are being submitted for a stud farm.

Jo Jones is applying for planning permission, after running a viable equestrian business in the area for the last four years with her partner, Angus Gordon.

They originally ran into problems when they had to transfer stables to the opposite end of the site because of waterlogging.

Angus explained: “We discovered the area near the entrance had serious flooding problems, and we had no alternative. But the stabling area is now also a less intrusive site.

“In consultation with Horsham District Council we have reduced the footprint of the access road and hardstanding by 30 per cent.”

“The whole site has been re-seeded and put to grass and they have planted 200 young trees around the site for screening and environmental purposes.

“Texal sheep are kept to clean the pasture, eating the weeds, and we rotate the fields with the horses we have on site,” said Jo.

The couple have a well-established equestrian business, having previously rented land in Pulborough until they had saved enough to buy the current site.

They have begun their own breeding programme this year, using two brood mares of their own, to produce their own warmblood sport horses. Their first foal was born this year.

“We need permanent stables in an indoor barn for our brood mares and horses which are part of our business,” said Jo.

Other horses are bred in Ireland and brought to them to be sold. (

Traffic movements to and from the site along the private road are rarely more than one or two a day and they hope the changes they have made will be well received.