Pick up an unusual gift at museum craft event

Horsham Museumns 'Christmas Emporium' SUS-150112-112622001
Horsham Museumns 'Christmas Emporium' SUS-150112-112622001

With 7 billion people to serve, Santa needs as much help as possible – that is why he is delighted to have seven artists and craftsmen of Horsham come to his aid.

For over the last five months they have been beavering away creating perfect gifts to fill Santa’s sack to deliver to the good and deserving of Horsham.

For those that are naughty but nice Horsham’s own chocolatier has created the perfect gift in Horsham chocolate.

Obviously the people of Horsham cannot travel to the North Pole to collect them, so Horsham District Council’s Horsham Museum has turned over one of its galleries as a depot for these fantastic and unusual gifts.

But depot sounds like a warehouse, grotto sounds like a fantasy world, so reflecting the quality and skill Santa agreed that it could be called Christmas Emporium.

The bright, different and colourful arrange of gifts are ready for collection from now till 24 December. Santa is confident that the people of Horsham will find just what they want.

One artist Lindsey Pearson has painted colourful views of Venice, enough to warm any room on a cold or wet Christmas Day, she has even translated one colourful image in to a tray – perfect for serving those festive drinks.

Some of the creations are perfect for those that want the practical and artistic, so on Christmas day when the pan of hot sprouts depress the spirits, they will be lifted by the highly colourful mosaic pot stands by Rosemary Myles.

The Christmas Emporium isn’t though just of everyday items, it also includes gifts that will appeal to those that like something different including jewellery by Kerry Taylor.

Santa is delighted that Carolyn Gibbs has created a number of botanical drawings of plant life, drawings that will appeal to the scientist, the flower arranger and those lovers of skilful accuracy.

Some of the craftsmen are responding to public demand, the ornithological creations by Robert Fielding are so realistic and skilful that even Santa couldn’t believe the work.

Whilst Santa delivers all the presents it is nice when he is thanked, so what is better than hand writing him a letter with a wooden pencil, crafted by Dave Unsted.

Admission to Horsham Museum and the craft event is free and the Museum is open 10-5 Monday – Saturday. For more information, please contact Rachel Weller on 01403 254 959.

Report and picture contributed by Horsham Museum.