Physics success for Collyer’s students

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Thirteen Physics students from Collyer’s took part in the Physics Olympiad; a rigorously challenging event that gives budding A Level Physicists the opportunity to test their knowledge.

This year’s event proved successful for Collyer’s, despite an incredibly demanding paper, with all thirteen achieving commendations and awards. Two of the students, Beth Hundelby and Elysia Hannaford were delighted to achieve gold awards!

The British Physics Olympiad, which has run for 25 years, is entered annually by 1,600 young and talented physicists. It is an examination based competition, with the purpose of challenging and rewarding the best physicists in British Schools – a test gladly accepted by Collyer’s A2 Physics students.

Matt Horncastle, Physics teacher at Collyer’s, who organised the Collyer’s Physics Olympiad entry, said: “I was very pleased overall with how the students did on two very challenging Physics papers. We are keen to put together another strong entry for the Physics Olympiad next year, so Physics first year students, keep an eye out!”

The roll of honour comprised: Beth Hundleby and Elysia Hannaford (Gold); Maarten Van Erps and Nikitta Karandejs (Silver); Samuel Garside and Zac Wilson (Bronze I); Jack Frankland (Bronze II); Harry Nelder, Samuel Devalmency, Emily Timon; Jack Dawson, Alexandra Tindall and Aidan Marks (Commendations).

Physics Student Nikita Karandejs said: “The Physics Olympiad was a difficult task and I wasn’t sure on all of it. I think I could have done better, but I still really enjoyed doing it!”

Elysia Hannaford, an A2 Physicist, said: “I really enjoyed this competition, as Physics is something I enjoy and I plan to study it at University. Although the second Physics paper was tough at times, I’m proud of what I achieved!”

Beth Hundelby, also taking Physics at A2 Level, added: “It was hard work doing the Physics Olympiad, but it was worth it – I’m very pleased with how I did.”

Joe Brock, Collyer’s Head of Faculty for Mathematics and Science, was keen to get Collyer’s involved with the Physics Olympiad: “It is really important that the natural talent that exists within the science students at Collyer’s has a chance to develop and shine. This happens in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The Olympiad and Challenge Exams are specifically designed to stretch our most able students and they have risen to the challenge. This Physics entry has yielded a great set of results on the national stage. Matt Horncastle, who organised the whole thing, will be keen to build on the success of this year.”

Report and picture contributed by Alex White (Collyer’s student Journalist).