PHOTOS: Commuter chaos as hundreds stuck in hours of queues at Gatwick Airport

Commuters have been caught up in absolute chaos at Gatwick Airport with hundreds queuing for hours to catch replacement bus services.

Sunday, 6th May 2018, 4:31 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 5:55 am
Hundreds have been caught up in the chaos

People travelling between Three Bridges and the airport have been stuck in queues up to four-hours-long as works are carried out between the stations, stopping trains from running.

Southern Rail said it was replacing all trains with buses and as a result there were no direct services running between Gatwick and the coast.

On Twitter dozens of commuters complained about long delays with the buses being unable to cope with the amount of passengers.

Southern Rail put on replacement bus services

hellied said: “Train cancelled. Then had to abandon day trip at Gatwick after 4 hours as queues too long for replacement bus service. Then no train back to Clapham.”

Samantha Evans said: “@SouthernRailUK it’s an absolute shambles @Gatwick_Airport. There are small children in the crowd & people with limited mobility but there’s no visible support or queuing system. Its chaotic & dangerous, why wasn’t the rail replacement service better planned?”

AIMIEA said: “Absolute chaos and fights @Gatwick_Airport trying to get rail replacement to Brighton @SouthernRailUK sort it out! A few workers trying to manage hundreds of people. My mum had to step in and help with crowd control.”

Others complained they had missed flights due to the chaos.

Commuters complained of queuing for hours for replacement bus services

“Sifu Lee said: “Due to your delayed services between Portsmouth and Gatwick my girlfriend and I have just missed our holiday to Preveza in Greece.”

Southern Rail has advised people not to travel by rail to the south coast due to the overcrowding.

A spokesman said: “We are very sorry that passengers travelling between Gatwick Airport and the south coast have been queuing for rail replacement buses between Gatwick and Three Bridges station, where trains are continuing to Brighton and the coast. Demand has been incredibly high and we have been getting as many buses as possible through to reduce queues.

“We are advising customers that services from the coast to London this evening are likely to be extremely busy and to expect queuing systems to be in place, and to allow for extended journey times.

Bottles of water are being handed out to passengers

“For the latest information including details on alternative ticket acceptance with other operators and compensation for delays, passengers are advised to go to”

Southern Rail enocouraged commuters to avoid using train travel to the coast due to the overcrowding
Trains are not running between Three Bridges and Gatwick due to engineering works
Commuter chaos at Gatwick Airport