Village school run drivers clocked speeding

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Residents worried about traffic speeding through their village - some on the school run - have launched a new campaign.

Colgate Parish Council is urging West Sussex County Council to cut the speed limit in Forest Road, Colgate, from 60 mph to 40 mph.

Villagers say hundreds of drivers have been caught speeding - some of them parents taking children to school. Concerns about it led the village to set up a community speed watch group last year whereby police-trained volunteers regularly monitor traffic.

A total of 679 drivers were clocked doing more than 36 mph in a 30 mph zone - with the fastest driver recorded speeding at 62 mph. Several drivers were caught speeding twice and one three times.

Parish clerk Beverly Clayden said: “The amber lights flashing during school arrival and departure times did little to slow cars down and depressingly some of the people speeding were collecting or depositing children at the school.”

As well as campaigning for a speed cut, the parish council has bought and installed some white gates along Forest Road as a visual reminder to drivers that they are entering a residential area.

l Colgate Speed Watch is looking for new recruits. Anyone interested can contact