VIDEO: Have UFOs been spotted hovering over Rusper?

UFOs spotted near Rusper. By Margaret Davis
UFOs spotted near Rusper. By Margaret Davis

Are alien life forms attempting to make contact with residents of Rusper?

Margaret Davis sent the above video to the County Times, which was shot from her bedroom window.

She explained bright lights have been appearing in the sky every night since Tuesday April 8, and guessed they would be over Rusper and near Gatwick Airport.

Red, blue and white lights have been flashing, she added, and neighbours have also witnessed what she described as a ‘star’ or a ‘UFO’.

Margaret said: “They do move quickly vertically, horizontally. They change shapes from stars to triangles.

“Very worrying.”

What do you think? Are extra terrestrials visiting the Horsham district? Watch the video and comment below.