Vegan Fest Horsham to return with plant based gazebo at the Little Nibble

Vegan Fest Horsham organiser Helen Crabb (centre) with her partner Graeme Skipper (left) and brother Simon Crabb (right) SUS-190227-160208001
Vegan Fest Horsham organiser Helen Crabb (centre) with her partner Graeme Skipper (left) and brother Simon Crabb (right) SUS-190227-160208001

Vegan Fest Horsham will make a tasty appearance at the revamped Little Nibble with its own plant based gazebo.

There will be around ten different plant based stalls, together with two hot street food sellers, which will be a first for the event on Sunday, September 1 from 10am-4pm.

Helen Crabb, orgainser of Vegan Fest Horsham, said: “Following the success of the Vegan Fair back in February, where we had close to 2,000 people attend, we were thrilled to be contacted by the organisers of the Big and Little Nibble asking if we would be interested in taking part.

“It’s great that more people are trying plant based options and we see this as a fantastic platform for veganism and a wonderful opportunity for the general public to discover and access the plant based world.”

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As it is a food event, the stalls will all be food and information based offering different slant to the full vegan fair.

There will be pies, savouries and sweet treats on offer, and Helen is currently working on putting together a Vegan Fest cheeseboard, with cheeses from three different suppliers.

Author Karen Lee will be giving a 30 minute plant based cookery demonstration at 1pm, and vegan nutritionist Julie Stewart will be on hand to offer advice and information about transitioning to a healthy plant based diet.

Helen said: “For many, the transition to veganism is triggered by awareness of the cruelty to animals in both the meat and dairy industry.

“For others it may be for health reasons, as it now generally accepted that a well-planned plant based diet can bring many long-term health benefits.

“And for most, the decision to follow a vegan lifestyle goes hand in hand with knowing that overall it is considered a more environmentally friendly way of living.

“So whether you are a fully fledged vegan or just a little bit interested in trying some plant based options, we look forward to welcoming the people of Horsham to our wonderful plant based gazebo!”

Simon from Food Rocks, which runs Horsham Market and help organise the Big and Little Nibble, said: “The plant based food options are just one part of a completely revamped Little Nibble Sunday that is reflecting the latest in popular, healthy and sustainable options in food and drink.

“We hope to present a degree of focus on cooking for one, eating healthily on a budget and smaller appetites. We plan to expand this feature in future years with a focus on other food trends such as gluten free.”

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