Thieves target Horsham hair salon ... in second raid on hairdressing businesses

Vanity Hair Salon, Horsham SUS-190221-125203001
Vanity Hair Salon, Horsham SUS-190221-125203001

Thieves broke into a Horsham hair salon on Tuesday night - just days after another salon in the town was burgled.

In the latest attack, thieves smashed down the front door of Vanity Hair Salon in Blackbridge Lane at around 11pm.

Salon owner Megan Pearson said the burglars had used a crowbar to break their way in and ransacked the interior. She said she thought they had escaped with only a small amount of cash.

She feared her salon may have been targeted following a previous burglary at Studio 2 salon in Coltsfoot Drive, Horsham, on February 14 when thieves stole a safe containing around £800.

Now Megan is warning other salon owners to be on the alert.

“I think because they got away with a safe from Studio 2, they thought they would try here. Luckily I have a very good safe and they didn’t get into that.”

She said her premises were alarmed and she has now also had CCTV installed “so if anyone thinks of ever coming back again, we’ll be waiting for them!”

Megan, who has run Vanity Hair for the past four years, added: “I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

She was forced to close the salon and cancel appointments yesterday to clear up the mess but the salon is now back open as usual. She apologised to clients who had their appointments cancelled.

She was met with a flood of public suport when she posted on social media: “So sad that some people think this is acceptable to trash other people’s belongings and steal from others who work hard for a living!”

Thieves escape with safe in hair salon burglary