‘These little places make Horsham what it is’

Concerned residents in Hadmans Close. Photo: Derek Martin
Concerned residents in Hadmans Close. Photo: Derek Martin

Strong objections are being put forward to plans to build a house on a patch of ‘green space’ near Horsham town centre.

Planning permission is being sought from Horsham District Council to builld a three-bedroomed property on a piece of land at the junction of Hadmans Close and Denne Road within Horsham’s conservation area.

But residents who live nearby say that deeds to their properties give them the right to use the land for ‘recreational purposes’.

They are also concerned that access to their properties by emergency services and delivery vans would be restricted and that the development will lead to more traffic problems in the area.

Objectors also say that planning permission for the erection of a house on the site has previously been turned down twice, and an application to fell trees there was also refused last year.

In a letter to the council they say: “All the reasons that applied in each of those previous applications resulting in refusal of permission are still relevant.”

Philip Lister, who has lived in Hadmans Close with his wife Annie for the past four years, added: “The land adds to the ambiance of the area.

“One of the big problems is access. There is a small layby at the entrance to Hadmans Close, but the proposed plans would more or less cut the layby in half - and the layby is the only place a delivery van or ambulance can stop without blocking entry to the close.”

Another resident, Pauline Kirkman, added: “It’s against everyone’s wishes. These little places like this green make Horsham what it is.”

She added: “The area is a public footway between Denne Road and the twitten, Morth Gardens, which leads into the Causeway and town centre. This is greatly used by the public and children on their way to various schools.”

Another resident, in a protest letter to the council, said: “Cramming another house into an already overcrowded area is not a good option. I also understand that the green is, and always has been, intended as an amenity for the local residents and as such it is much treasured.”

A nearby property owner added: “I consider any development of this parcel of land would completely change the character of what is at present a charming backwater of Horsham. In addition it would go against Horsham’s green spaces policy, it would also increase the strain on parking in Denne Road.”

Another added: “The proposals here will clearly remove an attractive open space that will harm the character and appearance of the conservation area.”