‘The world needs more people like you’ - readers react to generous millionaire

How can you help 'pay it forward'?
How can you help 'pay it forward'?

The revelation that a mystery multimillionaire has been secretly handing out money to residents in Horsham and Crawley got many people talking yesterday.

Although no-one came forward to say they had benefitted from the handouts, readers were quick to praise the gentleman – known as Tom Jones – for his kindness.

Lucy Burchell wrote on the West Sussex County Times Facebook page: “What a lovely generous gentleman. This makes me smile knowing he is helping people from the kindness of his heart. Well done sir, the world needs more people like you in it.”

Tara Louise Molkenthin added: “See there are some kind people out there, I know if I had millions I would put it into helping young people and animals! I have the plan, just need my millions!”

While Caroline Collins put forward an idea: “Just a suggestion – St Catherine’s Hospice cares for thousands in Crawley, Horsham and surrounding areas - a substantial donation to a team who delivers great kindness to so many every day would help so many more to receive the care that only one in three can access at the moment... What about it Tom?”

It also got people talking about how they can help ‘pay it forward’.

Crawley Observer reader Chelle Turner revealed how she has been running ‘giving days’ with her six year old daughter and how she hopes others will ‘pay it forward’.

“I love paying it forward and I try my hardest to make other people’s lives easier in some way or make someone smile somehow,” she wrote.

“Quite often my 6 year old daughter and I will buy dessert for the car behind us in the drive-through or we pay for the meals; when we go shopping we will buy a treat for a stressed out looking mum in the queue and drop it in her hand as we are leaving or we leave flowers under people’s windscreen wipers with the happy words on them.

“My little one loves doing our “giving days”. If you think you have ever received from us we just hope that somewhere along the line you manage to pay it forward please.”

You can read the full story about the mystery multimillionaire and his handouts here.