Tapas bar? A Lebanese restaurant? A place to eat for the homeless? What Horsham diners want next in town centre

Tasty House in Horsham town centre
Tasty House in Horsham town centre

After the announcement a fully furbished restaurant unit has been put on the market in Horsham diners have had their say on what new eateries they would like to see in the town centre.

New operators are currently being sought for the premises home to Chinese restaurant Tasty House. For more see: Horsham town centre restaurant put on the market

Following the announcement by estate agents Henry Adam’s last week residents began outlining their suggestions on which new food outlets should open in the town.

Of all the ideas a Tapas bar appeared to be the most popular with many saying they would like some sort of Spanish eatery.

Commenting on the County Times Facebook page Lynda Diab said: “Someone open a Tapas Bar or Middle Eastern restaurant here please!”

Debbie Bellamy said: “Pie n mash or Tapas.

Nicky Durward simply said: “Tapas tapas tapas!!!”

Karen Polie called for a Lebanese restaurant to open in the town while Carrie Knapp said she would like to see a Spanish or Greek eatery to return.

Terry Priest said he’d like a greasy spoon style restaurant in the town while Sue Mackie suggested seafood chain Loch Fyne.

Ideas were also put forward for Mexican or Thai restaurants.

Meanwhile Richard Wilkinson stated he would like to see a free restaurant open to help the homeless.

He said: “How about a free restaurant for the homeless to go and eat using perfectly good food that is being thrown away/donated by Sainsburys/tescoes etc that is still ok to be eaten and you can also teach them cooking skills so when they get a place like young people who are homeless it will help them for life.”

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