Steyning Grammar raises £5k to support relief effort after Hurricane Irma

Steyning Grammar School has successfully raised more than £5,000 to support a relief effort in the Caribbean after the devastation of Hurricane Irma.

Tuesday, 7th November 2017, 5:23 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 5:45 am
Seven boarding students at Steyning Grammar School whose lives were affected by Hurricane Irma

The school, which is home to 20 boarding students from the Caribbean islands, will be donating the money to the British Red Cross which is helping affected families.

A Just Giving page which was set up by the school in September has so far raised £5,089.50.

The page has received 89 separate donations including from the Parochial Church Council of Steyning and the Steyning and Henfield Rotary Club.

The fundraising attempt was also supported by parents, school staff and the wider community.

Commenting on the achievement, headteacher Nick Wergan said: “I am incredibly proud of the campaign our students have led – and for the support given by the widest community to a cause that means so much to our school.

“We are very touched by this response and grateful for the kindness shown to our Caribbean students and families. This is the ‘Steyning Family’ in action.”

The school’s sixth form students also held an induction party on Wednesday, September 20, in order to help reach the target.

Hurricane Irma caused widespread damage in the Caribbean

The party, which is held every year to give students a chance to get to know each other, helped raise £856 for the relief effort.

The boarding students from the Caribbean – whose families were caught up in Hurricane Irma – have visited schools within the Horsham district to explain the devastating impact it had on their homes.

One of the students Chadia Duncan, 17, from the British overseas territory of Turks and Caicos, was in England preparing to begin her studies when Hurricane Irma damaged phone lines on the island leaving her unable to contact her father for three days.

At the time she said: “It was a very scary time.

Hurricane Irma caused widespread damage in the Caribbean

“My uncle’s place does not have a roof anymore. We have experienced severe storms in the past but nothing like this.

“I almost feel guilty being here, not being able to help out and just watching them go through it.

“It is hard to imagine exactly what they are going through.”

Six students from Antigua – an island located south of heavily-damaged Barbuda – also spoke of the impact it had on their homes.

Hurricane Irma flooded many Caribbean islands

Second year sixth form students Alex Hadeed, 18, Arizona Hutchens, 17, and Eamon Wilkinson, 18, were all at home when Hurricane Irma hit and had prepared for the worst but managed to escape most major damage.

Lower sixth form students Dylan Ross, 16, James Anthony, 17, and Luka Broschi, 17 – all from Antigua – were preparing to begin their studies when Hurricane Irma struck.

If you would like to make a donation to Steyning Grammar School’s funraiser, you can so here.

Hurricane Irma caused widespread damage in the Caribbean
Hurricane Irma caused widespread damage in the Caribbean
Hurricane Irma flooded many Caribbean islands