Residents react to Horsham's 'zero' nightlife

The survey sparked a debate among Horsham residents
The survey sparked a debate among Horsham residents

Calls have been made for a new wine bar or jazz cafe to open in Horsham following criticism of the town's nightlife.

Last week a BBC survey rated Horsham's nightlife as the joint worst in Sussex for people under the age of 26.

The results have sparked a big debate amongst residents with many putting forward their suggestion on what they would like to see to boost evening entertainment in the town.

Nicki Fernandes said on the County Times Facebook page that the town needed a 'decent wine bar', a view echoed by several people.

Eleanor Harries added: "We need a music venue like the jazz cafe.

"Live music, nice bar and somewhere you can have a little dance."

Pennie Roscoe said: "[We need] a venue that can be used by the huge young talent that we have in Horsham that have to go elsewhere because there is nothing and nowhere they can showcase."

Rob Walton added: "Bring back Wabi."

Scott Avis: added: "Get a few clubs and late night bars with music going to attract the younger generations"

Some residents were less positive about the town's nightlife prospects.

Sally Summerfield said: "[I] have very fond memories of many a good night out, the town used to be so vibrant."

Helen Vergette added: "What night life - feel for under 25’s these days - at least we had Champagnes!"

However many readers leapt to the defence of the market town.

Jamie Cormack said: "Everyone knows Brighton and London are more lively.

"A lot of Horsham residents wouldn't want the town to be anything like Brighton."

Gary Henshall added: "It was a lot better 15 years ago."

Thompson Peter-Sandra said: "Leave well alone! Horsham is fine just as it is!"

Joanna Thomas added: "A good night out is about good company!

"I've always had fun in Horsham because I have a fun bunch of friends."

Karen Hens said: "I can recommend The Malt Shovel on a Saturday night. Great live music and fab staff!"

Fiona Smithers-Green added: "Things are improving, The Rec Rooms is an awesome addition to Horsham night life."

Ray Ransom said: "Some really good things coming up at The Rec Rooms."