Residents protest against ‘outrageous’ plans in Barns Green

63 new homes are being proposed in Barns Green and residents are not happy. Pic Steve Robards SUS-150331-131653001
63 new homes are being proposed in Barns Green and residents are not happy. Pic Steve Robards SUS-150331-131653001
  • Barns Green residents outraged at plans to add 63 new homes to village
  • Residents joined by children and councillors in protest
  • Protesters trying to stop Horsham becoming the ‘Milton Keynes of West Sussex’
  • Councillor encourages people to object

Residents were out in protest last week to show their outrage at plans to add another 63 new homes in Barns Green.

More than 40 people including parents, children and councillors pulled out their banners and marched towards Ropers and Cheffins Fields, along Sandhills Road, where the new development is proposed, to show their disappointment about the plans.

An application was submitted to Horsham District Council in January to build the new homes on the site.

According to developers the scale of development would be appropriate to the setting and would be in keeping with the character and appearance of the village.

But residents disagreed, claiming the village would become ‘unsustainable’ as there is a lack of infrastructure to cope with more houses.

Susan Nicholls said public transport in the village was minimal and the addition of new homes would bring in more cars to already crowded roads.

She said : “The traffic problem has been increasing.

“This village cannot take any more housing and the roads can not take anymore cars.”

Maurice Nicholls agreed.

He said: “This is an outrageous plan based purely on the prospect of fiscal gain.

“This rampant urbanisation of the Horsham area must come to a halt before it is turned into the Milton Keynes of West Sussex.”

Concerns were also raised about the current Ashmiles development in the village.

The development has been backed by both councillors and residents and will see 69 homes and a new school created in the village.

Protesters said this build had seen them take on a development which is ten per cent the size of the village and they could not approve anymore new houses until the impact of this was known.

Nick Angel said: “We have no idea what impact the current housing development will have on the village.

“This new proposal is not for the good of the village and it’s not for the good of the area. It is purely for fiscal gain.”

Michelle Howard lives at a listed property opposite the proposed development.

She said if the field was removed there would be an impact on drainage which could lead to a bigger risk of flooding in the village.

She also raised concerns about damage to wildlife.

Mrs Howard said: “I just think it is a great shame.

“I think it’s integral to have rural environments like this, that’s why I moved out of the city.”

More than 70 people queued out the door at a Parish Council meeting in the village to protest against the plans last month.

Tricia Youtan (Con, Itchingfield, Slinfold and Warnham) joined the protesters last week and at the meeting encouraged residents to oppose the development.

She said: “I think the more people that write in and objected the better the case is.

“We really find support from residents does have an affect.”