Reassurance to pet owners after dog turns orange with ‘Wotsits for legs’ following Horsham walk

Reassurances are going out to pet owners in Horsham after a dog’s legs turned orange following a walk in a local play area.

Monday, 27th September 2021, 11:10 am

The owner took to social media to query if anyone knew what the mystery orange substance was after returning with her pet from the play area near Manor Fields.

The dog’s light-coloured fur was left bright orange and the stain remained even after he was washed.

The worried owner contacted Horsham Disctrict Council to report the dog’s change of colour. She said her trainers had also been stained orange.


“Hopefully it doesn’t happen to anyone else’s doggy,” she posted on social media. “Don’t care about my trainers but the poor dog has Wotsists for legs.”

But the council said the orange substance was not a risk to human or animal health.

A spokesperson said: “The colouring is as a result of a fungal infestation.

“The spores of the fungi are microscopic, but where a site is heavily infected the spores will be released in their millions and can lead to staining of clothing etc.

“There is no known risk to human or animal health and the grass swards should not be affected in the long term.

“The grass at Manor Fields is due to be cut which should help resolve the issue.”

Reports of similar ‘stainings’ have been made in other parts of the country.