Pollution-stricken swans are reunited after Horsham Park oil spill

The pond has re-opened to the public
The pond has re-opened to the public

A male swan who went missing after oil polluted Horsham Park pond on Wednesday has now been reunited with his female mate.

The male bird - described as being ‘caked in oil’ - was caught yesterday by John Potts from Swans and Friends Bird Rescue - after initially flying off.

Both the male and female swan are now being treated at a specialist unit in Shepperton. “He is with his mate. They are back together,” said John.

He now plans to return to the pond today to try to retrieve any ducks that have also been contaminated after diesel spilled into the pond following a leak from Horsham Hospital.

The pollution is the second to hit the pond within a year.

Now there are fears for fish in the pond. “It’s the first time I’ve seen fish in there,” said John. “They were coming up to the surface but just getting a mouthful of oil and diesel.

“I don’t think they are likely to survive.”

Horsham District Council has been working with the Environment Agency and Southern Water to deal with the pollution. Specialist contractors have been employed to carry out a clean-up.