Outrage over second sick attack at Horsham wildlife reserve

Birds have been targeted at Warnham Nature Reserve
Birds have been targeted at Warnham Nature Reserve

A public outcry has erupted following a second gruesome attack at a wildlife centre.

Birds have beeen targeted in the attacks at Warnham Nature Reserve in Horsham where feeders have been daubed with glue. Two cruel stunts have now taken place within months of each other.

Six birds were killed in the first attack and others were left injured.

RSPCA officials are now stepping up a hunt for the attackers and are keen to trace two men seen at the reserve at the time of the latest incident last Tuesday.

Meanwhile, people have taken to social media to express their disgust and horror at what has taken place. One irate person posted: “You really have to wonder about some people’s mentality.” Another hit out: “Disgusting, absolutely disgusting sickos.”

Another woman said: “Would like to glue them to the floor.” Another fumed: “People never cease to disappoint and disgust.” And another queried: “What sick people would do this?”

Horsham District Councillor Christine Costin said: “These people are warped and need to be brought to justice. If they are prepared to inflict such fear and agony on innocent little birds they are a danger to all creatures including people.” She urged anyone with any information to inform the police.

Questions are also being raised about CCTV cameras being installed at the nature reserve.

In the first attack, five blue tits and a great tit were found dead and others were left injured. In the second incident, a glue-covered bird feeder in trees near a hide was discovered by a council warden.

The ‘glue’ - known as bird lime - was placed on the feeders to trap any bird that came into contact with them.

The RSPCA’s Special Operations Unit, which is investigating the attacks, is appealing for information. They want anyone who knows anything to contact their appeal line on 0300 123 8018.