Outrage over dog left in sun-baked car in Sussex village

A public outcry has erupted after a distressed dog was left trapped in a sun-baked car.

Tuesday, 16th July 2019, 4:33 pm
A Tibetan terrier - one of this long-haired breed was trapped in a hot car in Storrington SUS-190716-153006001

The dog - a long-haired Tibetan terrier - was rescued by a neighbourhood warden after being found slumped in the front of the locked car near Storrington Library.

The vehicle’s windows were only partly open.

Quick-thinking warden Chris Poore managed to wrench open one of the car windows and douse the dog with water before it was taken to a local vet for treatment.

People have now taken to social media to condemn the dog’s owner after learning of the animal’s plight.

“How many more pet dogs need to die from irresponsible owners before the message sinks in?” asked one man.

“People found leaving their dog in the car on hot days should be punished accordingly - points on licence/being a pet owner revoked etc.”

And a woman raged: “I don’t know how many times everyone can keep saying it, why oh why does it not sink in? It’s easy! Leave your dog at home if you’re going somewhere and they can’t go with you, better alone at home alive than locked in a hot car dead.”

Another woman stormed: “Why do people do this every year, I honestly think some people are too thick to deserve pets!”

And another said: “It’s not rocket science! Dogs are wearing a fur coat ... owners: would you sit in a car in a coat in this weather? NO! Then don’t make your dog!”

Another added: “How many times do owners need to be told about leaving animals or children in cars in hot weather, are they really that stupid?”

The dog at the centre of the storm was reported to be ‘feeling much better’ after having some water and cooling down and being checked by a vet.

Police say anyone who sees a dog in distress in a hot car should call 999 immediately.