New pollution alert in Horsham Park

Horsham Park SUS-180313-161637001
Horsham Park SUS-180313-161637001

A new pollution alert has been sounded after oil from Horsham Hospital leaked into Horsham Park’s pond this morning.

Horsham District Council says that it is working with the Environment Agency and Southern Water ‘to ensure there is no harm to the environment or members of the public.’

In a statement on social media the council said: “The Environmental Health team believes there is minimal risk to the wildlife. We’ll continue to monitor the situation closely.”

It added: “Our Environmental Health team was alerted this morning about an oil leak from Horsham Hospital on Hurst Road. The loss of oil has drained to the pond in Horsham Park.”

The campaign group the Friends of Horsham Park describe the spill - the second within a year - as ‘terrible news.’

Chairman Sally Sanderson said there were concerns for birds in the area. She posted on Twitter: “Those poor swans that have just built a nest.”