New home sought for rare hairless cats being looked after by Sussex animal charity

A pair of unusual hairless cats - said to be ‘highly vocal’ - are on the lookout for a new home.

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 10:05 am

The pair are currently being cared for at Cats Protection’s national adoption centre in Chelwood Gate after their owner sadly died.

Staff at the centre say that the pair of Sphynx cats - named Maya and Raya - will need someone experienced in caring for unusual breeds to look after them.

Centre deputy manager Tania Marsh, said: “The vast majority of cats we take in are traditional moggies which we are all familiar with. But occasionally we get very unusual or rare breeds which have very specific needs and are best homed to an experienced owner.


“Being hairless, Maya and Raya are very eye-catching but this also means they need extra care to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

“Their lack of fur means Sphynx cats quickly feel the cold and suffer from excess sun exposure. They must therefore be indoor cats and need plenty of warm hiding places and shade, depending on the temperature.

“They’ll also need their claws to be kept trimmed to prevent them from self-wounding and medicated cream may be required to prevent skin infections.

“Like most Sphynx cats, Maya and Raya are extremely sociable and friendly and seek out human interaction.


“They will need an owner who has plenty of time to give them the attention and companionship they crave.

“They are both very vocal and love to ‘chat’ – they’ve certainly got a huge amount of personality and we’re sure they’ll become much-loved pets.”

To find out more email [email protected]

Prospective owners will need to complete a questionnaire which must be returned to the centre by Sunday June 13.