New ‘events area’ proposed for Horsham town centre

Could a glazed canopy be built in this area?
Could a glazed canopy be built in this area?

New proposals are being put forward in a bid to inject new life into Horsham town centre.

It is being suggested that a glazed street canopy could be erected over the site of the former Shelley Fountain near the Lynd Cross pub to provide an all-weather area for events.

The idea has come from Horsham Society member David Griffiths who pinpoints the site as a key area for improvement.

He says the glazed canopy could be similar to one which was originally in Piries Place and could be used for performances, an indoor market and a cafe.

Writing in the society’s newsletter, David says: “It would not be difficult to provide lighting to the underside of the glazed canopy, allowing it to be used during evenings.”

Perimeter screens could also be erected, he says, to ‘minimise the effects of inclement weather.’

He suggests moving the birch trees currently planted on the site of the former Shelley Fountain and placing them outside the canopy. “Such a feature along with the opportunities that it could provide would undoubtedly serve to return life to this present barren area,” he says.

With a number of shop and business units still standing empty and no replacement yet built for the town’s most controversial sculpture speculation has been growing about what the future will hold for the area.

What does the future hold for town site?