Mystery of strange lights in sky near Storrington

Mystery surrounds reports of strange lights spotted in the sky south of Storrington.

Monday, 8th March 2021, 10:20 am

Residents reported seeing the lights at around 11.30pm on Saturday and said they were flashing green, white and red.

The lights were reported to be visible over Amberley and Steyning.

Residents said they did not think they were aircraft lights.

Strange lights spotted in the sky areound Horsham last August

Some took to social media speculating what the lights were, suggesting it could be a comet or the International Space Station.

There were reports of strange UFOs in the skies around Horsham last August.

Witnesses in Billingshurst, Barns Green, Warnham and Rudgwick reported seeing peculiar orange glowing lights in the night sky.

Pictured are the strange lights seen last summer.