Mystery millionaire hands out cash to people in Horsham and Crawley

Who wants to be a millionaire? SUS-190218-133205001
Who wants to be a millionaire? SUS-190218-133205001

A mystery multi-millionaire has given away hundreds of pounds to people in Horsham.

And the kindly benefactor has also handed out cash by the bucketload to strangers in Crawley and Chichester.

The millionaire - known as Tom Jones - is worth more than £150 million but decided to start giving it away when he realised he would never get around to spending it all.

And five people in Horsham, five in Crawley and five in Chichester have all benefited from his generosity - without even knowing it.

Tom started his random handouts two years ago using a range of methods to spread his cash from ‘rewarding’ people who have done him a good turn in some way to sending thousands of pounds to strangers inside Crhistmas cards. He also hides £20 notes inside newspapers on the London underground and leaves money hanging out of cash dispensers for people to take.

He says his main aim is to ‘brighten up someone’s day and put a smile on their face.’

One man who benefited from Tom’s generosity - amateur writer Nick Fisher - did some research to track down his benefactor - and ended up writing a book about Tom’s exploits.

Nick first met the mystery millionaire in March last year at a pay and display car park. Tom approached Nick and asked him for £1. Seeing Tom had a £150,000 Bentley, Nick assumed it was a joke then Tom explained he had left his wallet at home. Nick gave him the pound but as he turned to walk away the mystery millionaire handed him £100 in two £50 notes and gave back the £1.

Nick’s book is entitled Giving Away My Millions. See