Most valuable street in the Horsham area revealed

A new analysis of house prices in the Horsham area has revealed the district’s most valuable street.

Thursday, 15th April 2021, 2:50 pm

Estate agents Keller Williams say that - despite uncertainty because of the pandemic - the average property price in Horsham remains ‘considerably higher’ than the national average.

And they reveal that the most valuable street based on multiple sales is Springfield Lane in Colgate where the average property costs around £1,417,500.

The agents say they believe prices have held up in the pandemic partly because more people are moving from London.

The Boulevard, Horsham, has seen the highest number of sales

Overall, the average price of a house in the Horsham area over the past 12 months was £375,233, compared with a national average of £266,532.

But it’s not just the regular market where Horsham is performing well, says Keller Williams estate agent Sam Akbay.

His analysis has also revealed the the busiest street for sales is The Boulevard, part of Horsham’s new Highwood development.

There a total of 19 houses were sold over the past year, totalling £7.85m.

The most expensive individual property transaction in the Horsham area in 2020 was Stable Court, Wallhurst Manor in Picts Lane, Cowfold – which sold in September for £3.5million - over nine times the average.

The total number of houses sold in the Horsham area in 2020 was 1,129, according to the analysis.

Sam Akbay said: “The property market here is surprisingly buoyant and this research demonstrates as such.

“Of course, each neighbourhood is different in price terms and desirability and so there’s a huge mix of activity and value across the board.

“Those that are curious as to whether their property has increased in value or indeed wish to see if their own street is on course to top the table as the priciest this year, should get a professional valuation from a local estate agent that truly knows the area.

“Last year was a real mixed bag for the market and 2021 is bound to be too as we recover from the Covid crisis and start to get back to normality. “Uncertainty prevails, but certainly with a hint of positivity.”

He said that one of the reasons Horsham property was buoyant in the pandemic was because people were moving from London as many companies were now allowing employees to work from home.

“People have been moving out of London for prperties with bigger spaces and gardens for more outdoor living,” he said.

He said not a huge amount of houses were coming onto the market, but when they did, they were snapped up within days.

“There is still such a high demand,” he added.