Loxwood pupils meet animals to learn about wildlife

The pupils during the experience day
The pupils during the experience day

A Loxwood school was visited by an array of weird and wonderful creatures.

Pupils at Loxwood Primary school were introduced to various creatures by the animal handling experience company.

The children met lots of strange animals and they loved every second.

Lilli, a pupil, said: “I loved holding the animals because they weren’t every day creatures.

“My favourite animal was the corn snake.”

The pupils also met a huge snail, a millipede, a hissing cockroach and a tarantula with a pink back and teeth.

Sofia, a pupil, added: “We looked at the animals from Zoolab and we held most of them.”

The children then moved on to different activities in the afternoon.

They did music and movement where they moved to different music and expressed what animals it made them think of.

Finally they made paper chain snakes and masks with coloured paper.