Leading the way in doggy day care ...

Jane and Amy Hatcher, founders of Doodley Dogs SUS-180102-110931001
Jane and Amy Hatcher, founders of Doodley Dogs SUS-180102-110931001

A revolutionary state of the art dog creche which has operated in Storrington for the past nine years is taking a new lead - by getting set for expansion.

Doodley Dogs - run by twin sisters Amy and Jane Hatcher - currently lists itself as the most successful dog care centre in the UK.

It looks after 120 dogs every day while their owners are working or out shopping but will soon be looking after even more when it opens a new flagship centre in Crawley on February 17.

Sisters Jane and Amy, 36 - who have been featured on a number of TV programmes - are experts in their field and have even looked after the royals’ dogs.

The twins, who dub themselves J’Amy, say: “Our centres are uniquely equipped with fresh air ventilation systems, drainage systems and infra-red heating.”

In fact their premises - overseen by a staff of 15 - are specially designed to allow the dogs to socialise.

“It’s healthy for your dog to interact with his own kind and it’s important for every dog to have the opportunity ‘speak dog’ regularly,” they say.

“Most doggy clients integrate nicely into our carefully organised packs, and play happily all day.”

The centre itself has fresh air pumped in constantly, with infra-red heaters keeping the dogs’ bodies warm, even if the air feels cold.

Suspended sprung flooring protects the dogs’ joints and rest areas have diffusers gently filling the room with calming pheromones and fresh bedding.

Clever ‘trees’ are not merely ornamental ‘dog loos’, they also hygienically drain away the pets’ urine.

And there are first aiders always on hand in case of emergencies.

And pet owners don’t need to worry what their furry friends are doing while they’re away.

Say the twins: “We have a hugely popular webcam so owners can watch what their dog gets up to.

“Most visitors comment on our centres looking better than the best hotels they stay in.”

Amy, who lives in Horsham, and Jane, from Henfield, teamed up their Doodley Dog business with pet chain Pets Corner five years ago. “They provided the business acumen and we provided our dog skills,” said Amy.

The new Doodley Dog centre will open in Spindle Way, Crawley, on February 17.