'Keep Horsham green' say residents in fight to save land from development

A new battle is being launched to stop a developer from building a house on a patch of ‘vital green space’ near Horsham town centre.

Wednesday, 31st July 2019, 5:26 pm
Residents are concerned about plans to develop 'a vital green space' near their homes

A planning application has been lodged with Horsham District Council to build a two-storey detached house on land at Hadmans Close at its junction with Denne Road.

But residents living near the plot say it would mean a building only a few feet from the front of their homes.

They have joined together in a ‘Keep Horsham Green’ campaign.

Residents are concerned about plans to develop 'a vital green space' near their homes

The residents say that the patch of land earmarked for development currently has a number of trees on it which are subject to preservation orders.

Three previous attempts to build on the land have been halted by council planners.

One objector to the latest proposal - Pauline Kirkman - said: “This is a vital green space through which runs a public footpath.

“It is recognised by the council who maintain the area and is marked as an important plot by the Horsham Society.”

A neighbour added: “We need to keep and protect green spaces in towns, we must not let them be swallowed up by housing.

“They are important for the mental and physical health of the community.”

The objectors say the proposed building would harm the character and appearance within the Horsham Conservation area “resulting in the loss of an important and attractive green space and trees adjacent to public walkways and roads.

“Development would make a nonsense of conservation policy and Tree Preservation Orders that are in place for the benefit of the general public.

“All the reasons for previous refusals are still legal.”

They add: “There are very few areas of green so close to the town centre: to destroy this specific area would be against all previous decisions.”

In a previous battle over the site last year, the residents maintained that deeds to their properties gave them the right to use the land for ‘recreational purposes’.

They are expressed concerns that access to their properties by emergency services and delivery vans would be restricted and that development of the site would lead to more traffic problems in the area.