Ifold author’s chart-topping debut children’s book is out of this world

C T Goodden's 'The Zoonies on the Run' book cover SUS-180129-142652001
C T Goodden's 'The Zoonies on the Run' book cover SUS-180129-142652001

One of the world’s most infamous UFO incidents has provided the inspiration for an Ifold author’s chart-topping new children’s novel.

C T Goodden’s debut book, ‘Zoonies on the Run’, has already reached number one in Amazon’s science fiction charts and has also topped the highly-competitive Lovereading4kids website chart.

The author has also been in talks with agents representing television and film companies about bringing this sensational and highly entertaining story to the screen.

But Zoonies on the Run stems from the author’s own obsession with images broadcast from across the Atlantic during her childhood.

The Roswell alien incident has led to conspiracy theories and speculation for the past seven decades.

Goodden said: “Zoonies on the Run is loosely based on the mysterious Roswell UFO incident in 1947 in New Mexico.

“That’s where the idea for the story came from and Zoonies of the Run takes place in both south and north America.

“I had to carry out research in the geographical locations for the story but otherwise it mostly came from my imagination.”

Zoonies on the Run is a thrilling adventure aimed at primary school-aged children.

Fleeing from their own war-torn planet a group of five aliens crash land in Brazil while searching for a peaceful planet to relocate to.

But the welcome awaiting the five alien friends, isn’t as warm as they had been hoping for.

Goodden added: “The Zoonies are a peace-loving alien race who live on a planet many moons away.

“But their tranquil existence is suddenly shattered when war-like aliens invade their land, laying everything to waste.

“Forced to take flight in their spaceships, the Zoonies set off in search of a friendly planet to settle on, and believe they have found a true haven in the place known as Earth.

“Then an accidental crash in Brazil heralds the Zoonies as aggressive invaders, and once again they must flee for their lives.”

The pre-teen page-turner is proving a hit on both sides of the Atlantic with five-star reviews posted by readers.

Although the author has yet to decide whether Zoonies on the Run will become part of a series, the open ending to this stunning debut novel has left her options open.

For more details, visit Amazon and search for C T Goodden, where the paperback and Kindle formats of Zoonies on the Run are both available.