How much do you need to earn an hour to live in each Horsham district postcode?


Have you ever wondered how much money you’d have to earn an hour to buy a house in the most expensive area of the Horsham district?

It might come as a shock to some residents about the price difference between buying a house in Horsham town and in the outlying villages.

In north Horsham potential homeowners will have to earn £27.31 an hour to afford a house in that area, according to a recent study by

That works out at around £1,092.40 a week or an annual wage of £56,800.

However, in the Pulborough area the hourly rate increases to £33.67, so an annual salary of more than £70,000.

The full list is:

RH12 £27.31 - north Horsham

RH13 £26.28 - south Horsham/Southwater

RH14 £32.60 - Billingshurst

RH20 £33.67 - Pulborough

BN44 £29.01 - Steyning

RH11 £19.12 - Ifield