Horsham woman is ‘excited’ to scale Everest

Katie Peters
Katie Peters

A Horsham woman is taking on Everest in an attempt to raise funds and awareness of meningitis.

Katie Peters, a geography student at Loughborough University will be taking on the Mount Everest base camp trek this September to try and raise £2,980 for Meningitis UK.

She said: “Students and children under five are the most affected by this disease.

“[The trek] is to raise funds and raise awareness of the importance of vaccinations.”

Katie has already raised around £1,600, more than halfway to her target.

She told how she is keen to get on with the challenge but also ‘quite apprehensive’.

Katie added: “When I told my parents, I have never seen them looked so shocked.

“It will be an experience to remember for the rest of my life.

“[I’m] really excited about going.

“It’s something completely out of my comfort zone.”

Everest base camp, in Nepal, stands at more than 5,000 metres tall.

Katie is taking on a half marathon later in the year which will help her fundraising as well as her fitness.

Katie, a dancer, said the running training should set her up well for the epic climb.

To donate to Katie’s fundraiser please visit her Everyday Hero page at lsu-everest-2019.everydayhero.com/uk/katie-s-everest-base-camp-trek-2019