Horsham travellers: village sites secured ahead of eviction

Councillors Louise Potter and Ruth Fletcher visited Horsham Park
Councillors Louise Potter and Ruth Fletcher visited Horsham Park

Village sites near Horsham have taken steps to prevent travellers moving in when they leave Horsham Park,

Horsham District Councillor Matt Allen said he has been working with Broadbridge Heath Parish Council to ensure that the village’s green spaces are secure when the travellers are moved on.

He added: “The recreation ground in the old part of the village, the Ducky.

“They are having a new footpath installed there. The parish council clerk has instructed the contractors to make sure it’s all secure.”

Councillor Allen said steps would be taken to ensure the gates to the cricket ground were secure.

The controversial roadworks to downgrade the A281 should prevent the travellers from accessing the green space by the village centre, he added.

Councillor Belinda Walters, of Denne ward, said she was ‘disappointed’ the travellers had found their way into the park.

She added: “We are very pleased the district, county council and police were on it straight away.

“Obviously there will be a cost to the council to clear the site after they have left and we as local councillors will be calling for a review regarding the security of the park to avoid future incursions.”

The Liberal Democrat group will seek to ensure that the new local plan ensures appropriate sites for travellers which minimise disruption to public areas such as Horsham Park, councillor Allen added.

Horsham District Council, which owns the park, served the travellers a notice to quit this morning.

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