Horsham travellers now camped next to children’s play area

All but three caravans have now left Horsham Park
All but three caravans have now left Horsham Park

Travellers who have been in Horsham for more than a week have now moved next to a children’s play area.

Eyewitnesses reported the group is now camped in Bennetts Field, off Brighton Road.

The County Times was told the travellers have ‘set up on the playing field next to the children’s play area’.

But three caravans are still based in Horsham Park.

The group first came to the town on Thursday, August 8, when the travellers moved into the Victory Road rec.

But when police served notice on the group they camped out in the park.

West Sussex County Council began court action against the travellers on Tuesday after they breached a notice to quit.

The county council has been approached for comment.

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