Horsham town centre eatery wins takeaway of the year

Eastern Tandoori
Eastern Tandoori

A Horsham town centre eatery has been crowned County Times Takeaway of the Year 2019.

Family run takeaway, Eastern Tandoori, gathered the most votes after it was named one of the top ten finalists in this year’s West Sussex County Times series Takeaway of the Year competition.

Eastern Tandoori

Eastern Tandoori

Foyaz, manager of the outlet, said: “It’s an amazing achievement.

“It’s nice to be recognised through customers’ feedback.

“You get reviews and everything online but when you win an award its a different feeling.

“We would like to thank everyone who voted for us, including our amazing customers who have been supporting this small independent family business of ours which has been established for over 20 years.

“We decided to embark on a journey and open the doors of Eastern Tandoori due to our love for Indian cuisine.

“Throughout the years we have been designing our menu to provide new and innovative dishes, not previously seen in any other local menus.

“We just want to stand out from the crowd.”

Foyaz told how Eastern, which is in Bishopric, was the first Indian takeaway in Horsham to feature a mobile app, allowing everyone to experience its handcrafted delicacies. He added: “We also offer online, telephone and in-store ordering.

“Placing an order with us has never been easier.”

Several recent creations from the eatery have received a great customer response according to Foyaz.

He said: “Our most recent creations which have had positive feedback and a great response from our customers include our Railway Lamb Curry, inspired by a dish once served on first class railway carriages in India, it is an earthy dish with lamb, pickled spices and potatoes.

“Also, our Masala Chips and Cheesy Chicken Samosas have been very well received, we have been told they are very addictive!”

To cater for ‘all of the hot and spicy food lovers’ Foy told how the outlet has introduced an exclusive Naga section (Bengali naga chilli being known as one of the hottest chillies) with plenty of choice including Naga Biryani.

He added: “With support from our customers, we will continuously strive to bring new dishes whilst keeping some traditional and loved classics.”

To keep up-to-date with the takeaway’s exclusive offers, download the Eastern app and follow it on social media @easterntakeaway and tag your meals with #muncheastern to share your favourite combinations.

Foyaz said: “We look forward to welcoming you very soon.”

For more call 01403 275526/275506 or visit www.easterntandoori.co.uk