Horsham surgery announces 1,000 vaccine appointments available

Urgent calls have gone out after a Horsham surgery announced it had 1,000 vaccine appointments available this week.

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 4:29 pm

Courtyard Surgery said the appointments are available at Christ’s Hospital vaccine centre tomorrow (Wednesday).

And it urged anyone registered at Courtyard, Cowfold Surgery, Rudgwick Surgery or The Village Surgery in Southwater - all part of the The Horsham Collaborative Primary Care Network - and who is eligible for a vaccine to contact them.

Courtyard says that all the Horsham network’s over 50s and vulnerable have all now been vaccinated.

It says it completed 1,100 vaccines last week which was ‘a whole lot slower’ than previously but added: “Whilst it was disappointing to see over 1,000 empty appointments, on the bright side, it means that all those in Horsham and the surrounding areas who wanted a local vaccination have had one.”

Meanwhile, Horsham’s Park Surgery has now vaccinated more than 16,000 patients and has started to administer second doses.

It says it is still continuing at the same time to move down through the cohorts giving first doses.