Horsham Poet’s Corner creates ‘cosy’ sanctuary for family

Roy with his shed
Roy with his shed

Following plans for a Poet’s Corner in Horsham Park, one reader told how he has a Poet’s Corner of his own.

Roy Holloway told the County Times how he installed a triangular shed into his daughter’s garden.

With room for one person, Roy designed the space as a relaxing sanctuary, ideal for spending a quiet moment with a good book.

He said: “When my daughter moved into the house in Oliver Road about eight years ago the garden was a bit neglected.”

Roy told how the shape of the garden led to a triangle in one corner where it met the railway fence.

He added: “All the odds and ends of bits of rubbish had collected in this point so once it was cleared we agreed that some structure there would stop it happening again.”

Roy’s daughter gave him a blank slate when it came to creating the shed.

He planned his very own grand design adding double glazing, raised flooring, and insulation.

Inside the shed is plasterboard, a book case and stool all to make the space ‘nice and cosy’.

The name was thought up by Mary, Roy’s daughter, and thanks to a friend who is a sign writer Roy was able to have a sign made for the shed.

Roy added: “We already have a shed, greenhouse, and cabin.

“It was meant to be a place for quiet contemplation.

“On the bookcase is a notebook for any jottings, a book of poetry, a book about the Gurkhas and copies of the Gurkha welfare newsletter.

“I was stationed with a Gurkha unit during my national service 60 years ago.”