Horsham park pond re-opens following pollution peril

The pond has re-opened to the public
The pond has re-opened to the public

A pond in Horsham Park which has been closed to the public following a pollution alert is re-opening today.

Two birds - a duck and a moorhen - died and two swans were rescued after oil spilled into the water almost two weeks ago.

The spillage, the second such incident within a year, led Horsham District Council to close the pond area.

A spokeswomman for Horsham District Council in a statement today expressed sadness at the birds’ deaths but added: “We are however, pleased to announce that the clean-up operation is now complete and we aim to re-open the pond to the general public.”

She added: “Following the oil leak from Horsham Hospital on the 20 March, a team of environmental specialists working on behalf of NHS Property Services have spent 11 days undertaking remediation and monitoring work at the pond.

“We would ask visitors to be aware that some equipment will remain in the pond as a precautionary measure whilst the specialist cleaning company ensure that any remaining oil residue is captured and in the event of heavy rain.

“Whilst some oil residue does remain visible on the water, residents should be assured that the water quality readings undertaken have determined there is no immediate risk to aquatic life.

“Food and clean water trays have been provided for the ducks and wildfowl and these will also remain in place for imminent future.

“The council will continue to take the advice of the environmental specialists and monitor the situation closely over the coming weeks.”