Horsham Dr Who fans celebrate ‘Dr Who Day’

Dr Who fans in Horsham are celebrating ‘Dr Who Day’ today - November 23.

Tuesday, 23rd November 2021, 9:12 am

Every year on this day Whovians around the world mark the date the Time Lord came hurtling into our lives in 1963.

And this year a new study has shown that the nation’s favourite Time Lord is the tenth doctor, David Tennant.

He is revealed as the top Tardis time traveller - the best of 13 Time Lords - following research by bookmakers William Hill.

A Dalek and the Doctor's Tardis. Picture : Keith Woodland

Dr Who himself has close links to Horsham: Horsham designer Raymond Cusick, who died in 2013, invented Dr Who’s evil adversaries The Daleks.

They became one of the most famous villains in cult science fiction.

But Raymond never sought fame, and was surprised at how the Daleks became the household name that they did.

Raymond is commemorated with a plaque in Horsham’s West Street.

David Tennant: Getty Images

However, as for the Doctors themselves, while David Tennant has taken the title of the greatest, Christopher Eccleston - the ninth doctor - is in second place, with Peter Capaldi third.

Outgoing Jodie Whittaker, who first appeared in 2011’s The Woman Who Fell To Earth, claims fourth spot.

According to William Hill, little-known actor Omari Douglas is 6-5 favourite to become the fourteenth Doctor.

Good Omens and Prodigal Son star Michael Sheen - recently voted as the fans’ choice for the high-profile vacancy - is the other blockbuster name at 3-1, with another Years and Years star, T’Nia Miller, now 9-1, having already played a Time Lord in the BBC series.