Horsham district Weight Watchers coach helps members shed more than 5,000 stone

Dawn, centre, recieving her award
Dawn, centre, recieving her award

A Horsham district Weight Watchers coach has helped members shed more than 5,000 stone during her 25 years service.

Dawn Ford, from Partridge Green has received an award from the firm, now known as WW, for completing a quarter century of helping people get fit.

In that time she has helped her members lose an incredible 5,571 stone.

Dawn started her own wellness journey in 1993.

Since then she has maintained her two stone weight loss.

Now she helps others do the same and has done for more than two decades.

According to WW coach and PR champ Gemma Holden, WW inspires healthy habits for real life, offering the most flexible and livable programme ever.

She added: “It encourages you to enjoy food with freedom, find what moves you physically, and gives you the skills to shift your mindset so you can focus on what really matters on your weight loss journey - taking care of yourself and living your life the way you want to.

“I had always struggled with my weight and when I became pregnant it spiralled out of control.

“It was an unfortunate video recording of me cleaning a bouncy castle that made me realized just how out of control I had become!

“I joined WW the next day. And have never looked back”

Dawn said: “WW helped me to reach my wellness goals by guiding me towards healthy choices, both in food and real life.

“I am excited to continue sharing this with new and existing members in Worthing and Billinghurst.”

Dawn’s groups meet at Field place in Worthing every Wednesday at 4pm and 5.50pm.

The group also meets every Tuesday in Billingshurst at 5.15pm.

To find out more about WW please visit the firm’s website at www.ww.com/uk.