Horsham ‘car-wrecking foxes’ spark public dispute

Foxes wrecking cars in Horsham by chewing through brake and electrical wires have sparked a public dispute.

Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 12:48 pm

Some are blaming the foxes’ actions on humans concreting over their natural habitats.

Others are calling for the numbers of foxes to be reduced and urging people to stop encouraging the animals into urban areas by feeding them.

The dispute started after neighbours in Spencer’s Road, Horsham, said they were having to try to ‘fox-proof’ their cars when thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused to the vehicles by foxes chewing through cables.

Foxes are being blamed for causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to cars in a Horsham neighbourhood

They also said pavements in the area were regularly left strewn with foxes’ faeces and vomit.

Many took to social media to express their views.

Sharon Emma Goldring urged on the County Times Facebook page: “Stop building houses on their homes.”

And Kenny Duke agreed: “Humans keep building more houses, humans breed like rabbits and humans need houses. Wildlife suffers and have nowhere to go.”

So, too, did Peter Merchant. He said: “If we keep destroying their habitat they will move into ours.”

But Paul Lewis pointed out that houses in Spencer’s Road were Victorian properties “so been here 100+ years.

“Apart from the mess, it’s also dangerous in a number of ways. They have no natural predators so, the population needs to be reduced.”

Brendan Bourke said: “I see a least 12 every night outside my house in Redford Avenue, the trouble is everybody feeds them.”

Will Bradford added: “The problem is too many people think the are nice fluffy animals when in reality they are not.

“You can by law have them shot as long as the person has the correct firearms licence. Unfortunately because the are not classed as vermin the council don’t have to do anything at all.”

Andy Yerrell said: “The top predator is man with no natural enemy and as such he has expanded to consume every resource available.

“As we encroach upon the habitat of every other living thing they are either displaced, adapt or die. The fox has adapted. Funny how we see the need to the control the numbers of foxes but not ourselves.”

Kerrie Weller added: “There are so so many foxes around Merryfield Drive, no habitats have been taken here. They are super comfortable, way too tame, and just keep on breeding!”