Horsham Capitol: All you need to know about plans

JPCT S13481027x 251113 Horsham. Capitol. -photo by Steve Cobb ENGSUS00120131126104251
JPCT S13481027x 251113 Horsham. Capitol. -photo by Steve Cobb ENGSUS00120131126104251

A major project has been outlined for Horsham’s Capitol theatre which could see a few changes at the arts centre.

Both Horsham District Council and the Capitol have announced they are looking to invest more than one million pounds in the entertainment centre in a bid to ‘glitz up’ the building over the next few years.

The move has been prompted by the success of the centre and the anticipated arrival of the Everyman cinema in Piries Place. For more see our previous story: Million pound project announced for Horsham’s Capitol theatre

Here is a brief overview of all the changes being considered:

A third screen?

Both the council and the Capitol said they were exploring the option of creating a third screen for cinema-goers.

The screen would allow more blockbusters to be shown as well as more independent and foreign productions.

The project could involve adding a new room to the building and development would need council approval. These plans are still in discussion.

Revamp of the building

A project that has been confirmed is the ‘glitzing up’ of the building.

The seats in the cinema and the theatre will be replaced, the foyer will be improved to make access easier and some of the interior of the building will also be given a make-over.

All the work is set to take place over the next few years and the centre will remain open throughout.

Changes to the cafe and bar

The Capitol is set to take over the running of its bar and cafe in the spring.

Both were run by the same operator which runs the Conservatory Cafe in Horsham park however, its contract for the entertainment centre comes to an end in April.

The Capitol says it will now be looking at its catering offer and will also look to theme some of its food and drink offers around what will be showing each evening. The takeover is set to create new jobs.

An esport hub?

With the video game industry one the fastest growing in the world Horsham may be about to get in on the action.

The Capitol announced it was ‘exploring the possibility’ of hosting more digital events.

Hosting esports has been outlined as one area the centre has been looking at whilst it has also held talks with some local organisations about more digital themed events. More on esports in Horsham here: Could Horsham become the next esport hotspot?

More work in the community

With all the works being undertaken at the centre the Capitol will also be expanding its offering in the community.

It is set to host more productions on the road with one already on the cards for the summer.

General manger Nick Mowat said the theatre would also be engaging more with the local community, fining out what shows and productions they would like to see in the town.

How much will this cost?

Although still early stage plans both the council and the Capitol estimate all the works will total a significant seven figure sum.

The amount paid to the centre by the council has halved over the past two years to £150,000 due to the success of the building.

Both parties said grants will be sought to fund some of the works and funding will also be found through the Capitol’s profits. They added prices would not be increased at the Capitol to pay for the works